Best Time Ever With Neil Patrick Harris

September 15, 2015
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Neil Patrick Harris returned to the Stern Show to catch up with Howard and discuss his new projects, his life, and more. Listen below for some highlights!

“Doogie Howser” Days

After recalling some great stories from his childhood acting career, NPH and Howard came to the topic of “Doogie Howser, M.D.” which Neil said was actually a very unlikely gig. His parents, successful New Mexico lawyers, did not want to uproot their lives and move to Los Angeles, so they decided that they would not entertain any offers for TV shows unless it was from Steven Bochco, whom they were big fans of. Lo and behold Bochco’s “Doogie Howser” came along and they were forced to supervise underage Neil on the set.

By law, Harris was allowed to work nine hours a day that first season, with three of the hours having to be some sort of schooling—but only in 20-minute increments. As a result, Neil said he really didn’t learn all too much considering the hectic schedule.

How to Fix the Oscars

While many former Oscar hosts have said that they would never do it again, Neil said he would be open to it as he sees it as a great honor, despite the demanding nature of the gig.

On the other hand, Neil said he thinks the Oscars are in “a little bit of trouble” the way they’re currently designed. Since they are the last award show in the season, tons of smaller movies that have been strategically released are overshadowing the major films of the year, so ultimately the audience isn’t as interested because less people have actually seen the nominated films.

Neil said he thought they should split the “Best Picture” award into two different categories – one for the Blockbuster films and one for the smaller budget movies.

NPH Is Having the Best Time Ever

“Television is a different world now,” Neil remarked to Howard before both agreed that NBC is doing a really good job of experimenting with different types of live programming – of which “Best Time Ever” is one example, along with the “AGT” live shows.

“You were a really true, good judge on that show,” Neil praised, congratulating Howard on his final week of “AGT.”

Neil said he has been “very, very stressed” the past week in preparation forf his new variety show, which he also serves as both host and executive producer on.

“The segments on the show are super weird and crazy,” he told Howard. Every week there is a celebrity guest announcer—this week’s is Reese Witherspoon—along with a slew of hidden camera antics involving audience members and some musical numbers as well (Ricky Martin will stop by for a surprise).

NPH’s Guide To Sh-tting In Public

“Every time I take a dump on a plane I think of you Howard,” Neil revealed in reference to the King of All Media’s constant assertions that he will never going No. 2 on a commercial airplane for fear of the stench.

Neil proudly proclaimed that he had a solution for Howard after pondering the problem for quite some time. “I have a weak stomach and end up going to the bathroom more often than I would like,” Neil explained.

“So you go to the bathroom, [and] you’re done. Go and sort of halfway wash your hands – meaning put a lot of soap on your hands and a little bit of water and then you have soapy hands. Sort of tai chi style, if you kind of waft your hands around, it’s sort of like air freshener because then the room smells like the scent of the soap.”

Howard didn’t buy it one bit despite Neil’s confidence in the method.

Neil also had one more shitting tip for men. “In a public place, here’s the thing that all guys should know: When you take a dump, as soon as you dump, flush the toilet. It’s right behind you. Flush it.”

There you have it folks.

What It’s Like to Be Elton John’s Friend

Howard asked about Neil’s relationship with Elton John and rumors that Elton tried to seduce him years ago. “I think Elton had a crush on me when I played Doogie,” NPH laughed, but he had already been dating David Furnish for a year, so it was really nothing. “He’s a saucy Brit.”

Neil and his husband David have become good friends with Elton and Furnish, though, and their kids spend time together as they are similar ages.

Creating Two Beautiful Children

Later in the interview, Neil ran through the intense process he and David Burtka went through to conceive their children with the help of both an anonymous egg donor and a surrogate.

In his quest for the best genes, Neil told Howard that he had the company they used film the egg donor answering a series of Miss America-type questions to see how she processed information.

Listen (above) for the full story.