Show Rundown: July 18, 2016

Howard investigates the Pokemon Go craze and Nick Cannon stops by

July 18, 2016

Good Morning Everybody

“How about that Pokémon?” Howard asked first thing Monday morning, noting that amongst all of the horror of the past two weeks, there was this bizarre phenomenon of people running around try to catch ’em all with Pokémon Go.

To kick things off, Howard played a prank call featuring “Rusty” trying to convince an unsuspecting victim to let him find some rare Pokémon in his house. Listen above for the hilarious exchange.

While none of the staff seem to be on the Pokémon craze, Fred Norris did note that his wife could be considered “addicted” to another game called Candy Crush. JD said he also plays and Howard wondered if he’d be able to explain what the game consists of, leading to a classic Harmeyer stream of mumbles and grumbles.

And finally, Howard welcomed the real Suzanne Muldowney to introduce the day’s guest: Nick Cannon!