Howard Stern and Seth Rogen Size Up Orlando Bloom’s Full Frontal Nudity

But will it get the movie star a new role?

August 8, 2016

Seth Rogen joined Howard in the studio Monday morning to talk all things “Sausage Party,” but before getting to the film, the two addressed a pressing piece of real life sausage business: Orlando Bloom’s full frontal nudity.

Howard had told listeners earlier in the show that he became fixated last week on finding an uncensored picture of Bloom’s penis after blacked-out photos of the actor’s private parts splayed out on a paddle board behind Katy Perry in Sardinia emerged online.

“I just wanted to see – how big is this guy?” Howard, who met Orlando at Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux’s wedding almost exactly one year ago, explained.

Upon seeing the uncensored photo Monday morning, Howard was impressed. “Wow is that guy blessed!”

Seth was equally complimentary and said that while it is sometimes hard to determine in photos if the penis is proportional to the body, this was an instance where little was left to question. “His dick is very well proportioned to his body,” he praised.

Howard wondered if going nude was a ploy by Bloom to make some news and get new movie parts. While Seth wasn’t sure, he did admit with a laugh that he’d be lying if he said he wasn’t “more inclined” to put him in something now. Plus, “he’s a super nice guy,” Rogen added.

Those interested in seeing the uncensored photo can turn to a simple Google search for best results.