Memet Walker’s Instagram Is Turning Him Into a Gay Icon

His shirtless selfies and long hair have caught the attention of many men

August 9, 2016

All the boys have been going wild for Stern Show staffer Memet Walker’s Instagram. With shirtless selfies and carefully posed pics of his new long hair, it’s no wonder why he’s become the object of affection for many gay men.

“You’re becoming a gay icon,” Howard told Memet, whose latest social media post features a shirtless selfie of himself on Larry Caputo’s boat. He reportedly even brought a selfie stick with him for his day out on the water and used it repeatedly.

“I bet he’s experimented a little bit before,” Richard Christy surmised despite Memet’s insistence that he’s not gay.

Take a look at some of Memet’s infamous Instagram posts (below).