O.A.R. Dedicates a Song to Bobo

Wack Packer basks in the glory of an insult

August 9, 2016

While recording their Howard 101 special, Marc Roberge and the talented guys from O.A.R. recorded a special version of one of their iconic tunes—but with a twist. The new version is possibly the most high-profile Bobo song of all time and now you can hear it above.

Bobo called in Tuesday morning to respond to their taunts and told Howard that he actually agrees that they did a great job with the song, but didn’t realize he was “on their radar.”

Howard suspected that Bobo liked the attention, but Bobo contended that he simply thought “the guys are talented.”

With the spirit of O.A.R.’s hit tune in the air, Howard pointed out that there was another major fan who has been hating on Bobo recently too—Matthew Berry. Howard played a few clips of the fantasy sports expert sounding off on Bobo’s interruptions to the show.

“Every time he’s on that Wrap Up Show, I’m right out of the gate. That’s who he talks about, is me,” Bobo fumed.

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