Wendy the Slow Adult is Hooked on Lottery Tickets and Voting for Donald Trump

Wack Packer proves to be a gambling fiend

August 10, 2016
Wendy the Slow Adult dressed as Freddy Krueger Wendy the Slow Adult dressed as Freddy Krueger Photo: The Howard Stern Show

After making the long drive up from Florida to New York with both her mother and the Stern Show’s own Shuli Egar, Wendy the Slow Adult triumphantly arrived at the studio fully clad in a Freddy Krueger outfit.

Howard brought Shuli in to offer some color commentary on what happened during their multi-day journey and the most shocking revelation was that Wendy seems to be addicted to buying lottery tickets. “She’s hooked,” Shuli explained.

No one could figure out where Wendy was getting these stacks of money from and it turned out that she started spending food money on lottery tickets at any chance she got. Now that there are vending machines to sell the tickets, nothing stopped her from buying a ton of them. She even won a bit of money – but according to Shuli, Wendy has the classic gamblers’ mentality where she always thinks she’s winning.

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

At one point during the Florida to New York drive, Wendy’s mother confronted her and refused to give her any more money for lottery tickets, which enraged Wendy.

As a result, during a bathroom stop in New Jersey, Wendy snuck over to a machine and bought more tickets instead of going to the restroom (which had some unfortunate results for the rest of the car ride).

“I’m worried about you,” Howard told the beloved Wack Packer.

Switching topics, Wendy gave her take on the presidential election and revealed herself to be a supporter of Donald Trump. She said she plans on voting for him after her mom registers her.

And finally, before vacating the couch for Hugh Grant, Wendy got a little too excited by one of Shuli’s jokes and may or may not have lost control of her bowels in a fit of laughter. She left to get composed and later returned to sit in for Gary Dell’Abate to produce the final hour of the show with an iron fist.

If you’re craving more Wack Pack fun, be on the lookout for her music special coming soon!