Sal’s Demented Sex Practices

The Stern staffer discusses his sexual deviancy

January 26, 2016
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

With Sal in-studio, the conversation turned to stories of his odd sexual deviancy on the Internet from the past.

Sal recounted the times he’d become “Josephine” in lesbian chat rooms while donning a black wig. One night his wife woke up to him doing it and ripped off his wig and smeared his lipstick. Sal said he tried to play it off like it was a bit for work.

Other times he would join webcam rooms where couples watch each other have sex, but he’d be by himself and tell the other couple to just start and his wife would be there in a minute.

“He’s like the Steve Jobs of jerking off,” Richard noted.

Gary came in and said he keeps a file of all the stupid shit Sal says and it’s been going on for years. He read the notes from one instance that occurred about two weeks after they started at K-Rock: A female DJ said she had to use the bathroom and Sal responded that he’d like to be her toilet paper.

Lest anyone forget, Sal was also caught masturbating at work when the show moved to Sirius. Richard chimed in that Sal would always run to the McDonald’s across the street from K-Rock to jerk off back in the day.

These are all old stories though and Robin said she figured he had to be up to something new these days. Sal was mum about it though, telling her: “We have a good sex life – we have a great life.”