Show Rundown: November 28, 2016

Howard checks back in with Lenny Dykstra

November 28, 2016

Good Morning Everybody!

Coming out of the Thanksgiving break Monday morning, Howard wasted no time in declaring that it would be “the greatest show you’re ever going to hear.”

Lenny Dykstra, “hall-of-fame-pussy-eater” and former all-star MLB center fielder, would be returning to the Stern Show studio along with two women who could allegedly attest to his skills once and for all.

Howard explained that more than baseball, his career, or any other subject Lenny is always hyped up to talk about oral sex, so the staff set out to see if his claims were the real deal.

Listeners, meanwhile, have already offered an overwhelming response to the sex tips Lenny and Ronnie “the Limo Driver” Mund recorded together a few weeks ago.

“Okay, those sex tips have gone from awful to creepy,” one wrote. “Definitely the most disgusting bit ever broadcast on any media,” another agreed.