Speech Impediment Man Is on the Rebound After Split From Wife

“A lot of this, I've come to realize, is probably my fault,” he told Howard

November 28, 2016
Photo: Youtube

A couple of months after calling the show in the midst of splitting from his wife of three years, Speech Impediment Man phoned in once again Monday morning to let listeners know he was doing better. He also said he realized he may hold some of the blame for their marital crisis.

“Me and my ex were talking. I mean, a lot of this, I’ve come to realize, is probably my fault,” Speech Impediment Man told Howard.

The frequent caller admitted that he was caught tweeting back and forth with a stripper in Pittsburgh who wanted to be on the Stern Show and thought he was her ticket to airtime. Speech Impediment Man’s wife subsequently accused him of having an affair with the woman and, while he maintained it was untrue, he conceded it “was probably wrong” to keep talking to her.

Speech Impediment Man also copped to dribbling on the floor when he peed among other uncleanly acts, which led Howard to suggest that maybe he should have treated his wife extra special to begin with considering his ailment if he wanted the marriage to last.

Nonetheless, it seems it will be back to the PlentyOfFish dating pool for Speech Impediment Man, who is now living in a room he rents from a friend. Still, things are looking up as he has taken a job as a security guard and won’t be solely relying on his “skills” as a standup comedian – though he hasn’t given up all hope.

“I want to clean my act up and, I don’t know, maybe do some comedy,” he told Howard of his plans for the future.