Watch the Full Interview of Tracy Morgan’s Triumphant Return to the Stern Show

“I’m used to being funny but I know this is a different show right now,” the comedian tells Howard during his first visit since tragic traffic accident

August 16, 2016

Tuesday morning marked the first Stern Show appearance from Tracy Morgan since the 2014 traffic accident that nearly took his life. The comedian has had countless hilarious on-air moments with Howard throughout the years but on this day, he was prepared to open up about how fortunate he was to be alive.

“It’s hard for me to talk about this,” Tracy told Howard. “I’m used to being funny but I know this is a different show right now.”

Hear Tracy’s full interview with Howard (above).

On June 7, 2014, a Sprinter van carrying Tracy and three other comedians was rear-ended by a Walmart tractor-trailer while driving on the New Jersey Turnpike. Morgan suffered several injuries including a broken nose, a broken leg, and several broken ribs. His friend James “Jimmy Mack” McNair was killed.

“That crash turned me into an emotional wreck,” Tracy told Howard on Tuesday, saying his wife would often have to calm him down in the days and months following the accident. The driver of that Walmart truck was charged with vehicular homicide after officials uncovered he hadn’t slept in 28 hours and was suspected of falling asleep at the wheel when the crash occurred. Howard asked Tracy if he thinks he’ll ever be able to forgive that man.

“One day, I pray to God all the time, for the strength to do that,” Tracy said. Later in the interview though, Tracy got a laugh while explaining that he’s still able to shop at Walmart.

“When I was in that wheelchair, I still shopped at Walmart,” he said. “You still can’t beat their prices!”

When Tracy woke up from his coma, he told Howard how his whole family went to the hospital to see him and to tell him how much they loved him. Except for his grandma, who despite all that he had just been through was still only concerned about Tracy’s education.

“I said, ‘Grandma, I made it. I survived.’ And she said, ‘Good, now you can go back and get your GED,'” Tracy remembered. When he tried to convince his grandmother that he was already successful, starring in the hit show “30 Rock,” she told him had he gotten his GED, he would have been on “60 Rock.”

Howard and Robin both noticed that Tracy looked thinner in his first appearance back in the studio and the comedian confirmed he had lost a bit of weight, all thanks to the “Alec Baldwin Diet.” His former co-star convinced him he needed to cut back on his carbs and Tracy has since lost about 40 lbs.

“I don’t say the word diet, I just say change of lifestyle,” Morgan told Howard.

But while his waistline has gotten smaller since the accident, Tracy confessed that something else has gotten much bigger.

“My dick got bigger too,” Tracy said. “Just the head. The head is more bulbous.”

So bulbous, in fact, he says his penis accidentally popped out while he was at physical therapy one day. His physical therapist most likely caught a glimpse, too.

“I had a wardrobe malfunction. The dickhead popped out and the mouth of my dick was grinning at her,” Tracy explained. Before the accident, Tracy says his penis was about 9.5 inches but now, he’s measuring at about an 11. “I have a William Tell dick! I can knock an apple off a motherfucker from 20 feet away.”

With his sense of humor clearly still intact, Tracy has returned to the road and is performing new stand-up material on his “Picking up the Pieces” tour. He plans on shooting his upcoming Netflix special sometime in the fall and told Howard it will be called “Staying Alive.”

“My whole life, I’ve taken the bad things that have happened to me and made it funny,” Tracy said. “It’s about energy. The energy of Tracy Morgan is still there!”

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