Richard Christy Measures the Circumference of Benjy Bronk’s Penis

“Whatever I am, I’m way above average,” the staffer predicted

February 28, 2017
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

In the wake of Benjy Bronk revealing photos of his erect phallus to the world on Twitter a week ago—and then again on Monday after the photos were allegedly deleted by a hacker—the Stern Show staffer was adamant to fire back at his detractors by proving that his male member measured an impressive six inches in circumference.

On Tuesday, it seemed the route to offer such proof would be to conduct an official measurement. The only question that remained was who would be willing to act as a witness to keep Benjy honest.

“Richard [Christy] is the only person I could find who thought Benjy’s cock pictures were really nice,” Howard explained.

“I’m a little biased because I used to watch this stuff called ‘mushroom-tip porn.’ And for some odd reason I liked it,” Richard, who failed Ed Torian’s gay lie detector test in December, quickly admitted. Still, he maintained that he was not turned on by Benjy’s prized penis, which Bronk predicted was “way above average.”

Circumference Comparison Circumference Comparison Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Benjy appreciated Richard’s assistance and even invited his coworker to sit in the bathroom with him while he worked to get it erect, claiming that it would help. Though the environment was not ideal, Benjy requested some old photos of his skinny physique or even some women’s clothing for Richard to try on in order to get the job done. “I’m scared I’m not going to get hard,” he confided.

Robin noted that if that were to happen, it may be the most normal outcome possible. “It’s the most complicated boner ever,” Richard agreed.

With Richard and Benjy stationed in the bathroom, Howard checked in every few minutes reporting that there were intermittent giggles and screams coming from the room. As anticipated, it became clear that Benjy was unable to become erect, though, so Richard left him to watch some pornography on his phone.

Still unable to reach an erection, Benjy opted instead to measure his flaccid penis in the end and proudly declared: “I’m not hard yet, but I did just measure unerect and I’m getting five inches, unerect.”

Richard confirmed both the measurement as well as the fact that his coworker was “definitely soft.”

“Robin, you’ve said four inches is fine,” Howard concluded. “Good for him. I got to say, that’s impressive.”