Show Rundown: July 26, 2017

Wendy Williams returns to talk to Howard about her new app

July 26, 2017

Good Morning Everybody!

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Howard kicked off Wednesday’s show attempting to determine if he was “overfat” after reading about a new study published by researchers.

“The term overfat refers to the presence of excess body fat that can impair health, even for normal weight non-obese individuals,” the study explains.

Using the waist-to-height ratio​, if your waistline (measured at the belly button) is more than half your height, you can be considered overfat.

After some serious math, Howard determined that despite his thin stature, he was close to the cutoff.

“You’d have to throw out a bone at this point,” Robin joked when Howard wondered if he should lose weight.

Check out the full study here.