Wendy Williams Likes Her Hip-Hop ‘Aggressive’ and Her Elevators Empty

Daytime talk show host also spills on visiting strip clubs with her husband

July 26, 2017
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Wendy Williams returned to the Stern Show on Wednesday morning and updated Howard on what’s going on in her life, including a new mobile app, a new season of her talk show, and a new story about visiting a strip club with her husband.

“We were just there last week, Howard,” Wendy admitted with a laugh.

Even though she’s not sexually attracted to any of the female dancers, Wendy told Howard she has a good time whenever she and her man are at a strip club. But does she like getting lap dances?

“Of course! And make it rain on them hoes … with respect,” Wendy said. “I have fun. Howard, I’m a fun woman.”

It may sound like Wendy has no problem getting crazy in the club, but she told Howard since she’s on TV she has to make sure to be on her best behavior, even in a strip club. “Here’s the thing — daytime talk is a whole different animal. I can’t conduct myself in that manner,” Wendy explained.

While many daytime talk shows come and go, “The Wendy Williams Show” has been going strong since its debut in 2008, even racking up four Emmy Award nominations along the way.

“The sauce is in a supportive staff,” Wendy said of how she’s been so successful in television after a long career in radio. “My staff, they can call me anytime they want.”

But since she’s achieved so much fame and fortune, Howard wondered if Wendy ever makes any outlandish demands while at work.

“There’s only one thing I like — I need to ride the elevator with limited people,” Wendy admitted. “You can look at me in the face, just don’t ride the elevator.”

She explained that too many people riding up with her means she’ll end up talking to all of them — after all, she makes it no secret that she loves to talk.

Wendy’s not the only daytime host in her office building, either — celebrity chef Rachael Ray tapes her show just a few studios down. Wendy said she hasn’t run into her too much, though, and obviously they didn’t see each other on the elevator.

“The only time I saw [Rachael] was when the elevator was not working and I had to use the stairs,” Wendy told Howard.

Wendy also took Howard through her normal day, starting with listening to music on her playlist. “Aggressive hip-hop. That’s what I like early in the morning,” she explained. “I like Nas, I like M.O.P.”

After a hard day’s work, Wendy said she goes home and lives a seemingly normal life. “I take a nap, I take care of our son, I make a dinner,” she said. “This is the stuff … that keeps my mind sane.”

The dinners she makes these days don’t involve any meat entrees, however, since Wendy gave up eating all animals but fish a few years ago. She’s since lost about 50 pounds.

In addition to her TV show, Wendy recently launched her own mobile app, Wendy Digital, as well as her new personalized emoji line called WenMojis.

“They all look exactly like me,” Wendy said of her illustrated self.

Wendy Digital and WenMojis are available now on iTunes and Google Play.