Audio: Sour Shoes Debuts New Impressions of Beetlejuice and Joey Boots

“He’s Rich Little if Rich Little lived in his parents’ basement,” Howard says of the Wack Pack impressionist

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Add two more names to Sour Shoes' already impressive list of impressions — Beetlejuice and Joey Boots. The Wack Packer called Howard during Monday's Stern Show and debuted the new voices he'd mastered to much praise.

"Sour Shoes is so good, man," Howard said after hearing his impressions. "He's Rich Little if Rich Little lived in his parents' basement." Robin Quivers, of course, also couldn't help but laugh after hearing his most recent impersonations.

Few phone calls from Sour Shoes don't also feature his Gary Dell'Abate impression, which he snuck in today while speaking about the size "noine" shoes he was buying.

Check out Sour Shoes' new voices in the audio (below).