JD Harmeyer Gets Adventurous and Eats an Antelope Burger … but There’s One Animal He Won’t Put on His Plate

Stern Show staffer also ordered duck while dining out recently

February 26, 2018
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

What JD Harmeyer is having for dinner can be wildly different depending on the day of the week. While the Stern Show staffer kept it simple by treating his fiancée to Chipotle on Valentine’s Day, he recently upped the ante and took her to an upscale restaurant that specializes in wild game.

“I had an antelope burger,” JD told Howard. “It was there and I was interested in trying it.” As for the future Mrs. Harmeyer, she opted for the quail.

JD also described a dinner he and his fiancée had out at a different high-end restaurant where he ordered duck as his main course as well as a spreadable carrot dish and a bottle of Riesling.

“JD’s stomach is like Noah’s Ark … two of everything,” Howard said with a laugh, surprised by the variety of meat his staffer has been eating.

But is there any animal JD isn’t willing to try? Howard asked if he’d eat rattlesnake, which is another popular dish at wild game restaurants, and JD answered he’d be down but only if they explained how it was cooked. However, he said he’d probably draw the line at eating monkey, no matter how it was prepared.

“I don’t know if I could do that,” JD told Howard. “I don’t mind trying, like, different types of foods but for some reason that doesn’t sound all that good.”