Show Rundown: May 1, 2018

Shuli gives Bobo a pop quiz

May 1, 2018

Good Morning Everybody!

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Forget “hey now” or a simple “good morning,” Bobo was waiting on the phone early Tuesday morning and greeted Howard with a “great coogly-moogly.”

The frequent caller left a seemingly endless stream of voicemails for Howard over the past week in which he complained about everything from losing his Facebook password to Sean Hannity’s use of the word “apoplectic.”

And despite Bobo preparing “copious notes” for discussion, Shuli Egar joined Howard in the studio and instead gave him a pop spelling and vocabulary quiz using eighth-grade level words.

The first term up was “thesis.”

“I turned in my thesis to the college professor,” Bobo answered, using the word in a sentence before spelling it “thesisis.”

Passing over “juxtapose,” Shuli asked Bobo if he knew “conceptually.”

“I’m a good speller, but these are ridiculous,” Bobo shot back.

Despite the stumble, Bobo was sure he knew the next one: “strand.”

“There are different strands of the flu,” he told Shuli, mistaking “strands” for “strains.”

While he may not have mastered the English language, Bobo did reveal he spent a few years in high school learning French — he could only remember one phrase, though. “Je m’appelle Etienne,” Bobo reintroduced himself.