Show Rundown: June 11, 2019

Jason Kaplan plans to visit Wendy the Slow Adult at her rehab facility

June 11, 2019

Good Morning Everybody!

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Wendy the Slow Adult is still on the mend after a serious car accident at the end of 2018 left her unable to walk.

On Tuesday, Howard checked in with the Wack Packer who is still residing in a rehab facility where a staff of nurses, aides, and physical therapists are working to help her heal.

“I’m not doing too good,” she told Howard, though. “My insurance will not pay for my therapy at all and I’m trying to raise $20k to get back to therapy so I can try and stand up and walk.”

Wendy added she is selling something called “ring bombs” on her Facebook Live broadcasts to get the extra cash. Check out a photo of her new product (below).

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

On the upside, Wendy did report that having extra help and healthy food available to her at the rehab facility has led to her shedding a few pounds.

Moreover, it sounds like her favorite staffer might be planning a trip down to Florida to visit her soon. “I want to go visit [Wendy] because I really love her and, you know, I want to go spend the day with her and have a nice time with her,” Jason Kaplan mentioned.

The two frequently keep in touch through text message and, while he is a married man, Wendy continues to admire Jason from afar.

“He’s hot because he wears a nice tuxedo every day … and cleans up and looks nice and fresh,” she gushed during an earlier check-in. Hear more from Wendy in the audio clip (below).