Show Rundown: March 31, 2020

Howard announces a free SiriusXM preview

March 31, 2020

Good Morning Everybody!

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard broke some positive news early on Tuesday that SirusXM will be offering streaming of its services in North America for free through May 15. “This is really wonderful news because I’m proud of our company,” he announced. “We’re opening it up to the people. It’s absolutely free.”

Relaying a conversation with SiriusXM CEO Jim Meyer, Howard reflected on the value the 300+ channels can provide to listeners, especially in the age of the coronavirus pandemic. “Jim said … it’s really important because people need information number one and we’re a great source of information and a great source of music,” he noted.

For more details on the extended preview, visit the SiriusXM app or go to

In other coronavirus-related news, Howard revealed he has a new responsibility while quarantined at home with wife Beth: hairstylist. “I am going to be cutting Beth’s hair and she wants me to do it in about three months,” Howard told Robin. “I think her hair is easy, it’s straight. I’ve seen people cut straight hair and they wet it down and then they kind of hold it between two fingers and then they just clip.”

After seeing Howard’s “Private Parts” co-star Mary McCormack cutting her husband’s hair, Beth offered to do the same for her husband, but Howard declined. “It is a very special technique cutting curly hair,” he explained. “I believe I will be going with a full bouffant … it’s going to look like Woodstock.”