VIDEO: Stern Show Staffer Shuli Egar Shaved His Beard for His Mom

“‘People are calling from Israel asking if you are homeless,’” Shuli recalls of what his mom told him over the phone

August 21, 2020

The beard is gone.

After months of growing out his facial hair while working from home, Shuli Egar is now a clean-shaven man. “He’s groomed nicely and I prefer it,” Howard noted of his staffer Monday morning. “You looked like ‘Aqualung’ before, you know, Jethro Tull’s album.”

Despite his wife liking the style, it was criticism from the Stern Show staffer’s mother that led to the change. “’Is this what you look like on the Facebook, that I see?’” Shuli recalled her saying with a thick Israeli accent. “You need to shave now!”

Shuli went on to explain that while he was enjoying experimenting with the scruffier look, it was no match for the parental fury his mom displayed. “She just called me up and was like legit, ‘People are calling from Israel asking if you are homeless,’” he remembered. “She was really mad.”

“For your career it might have given you a look,” Howard said of the old style.

“Now I look like I do comic’s taxes,” Shuli joked.

Watch more on Shuli’s change in the video (above).