VIDEO: Richard Christy Messes Up His Future Child’s Name

“Once he’s born, I’ll remember,” the Stern Show staffer says with a laugh

December 3, 2020

The process in which Richard Christy and wife Kristin choose baby names has been put under the microscope in the past and Tuesday morning was no different. After a caller asked if he had regrets naming his son after Philadelphia Eagle Carson Wentz, since the quarterback is having a less than stellar season, the Stern Show staffer insisted he did not.

“None at all but I feel bad if we cursed him,” Richard explained of the decision. “It’s a great name – they won the Super Bowl the year that our son was born so no, it’s all good.”

“What you do is, you just say you named your kid after Carson Daly if Carson Wentz goes really bad,” Howard joked in reference to the TV and radio personality.

Richard later reminded Howard and co-host Robin Quivers of the name he and Kristin went with for their son on the way, though it turns out the staffer needed reminding himself. “I screwed up, our son’s name is actually Cameron Chuck Christy,” he laughed after first saying they chose Carter. “Once he’s born, I’ll remember.”

When pressed on both children having just the letter C as their initials, the staffer cited amusement as the motivating factor. “Just fun,” he noted. “I really don’t have a good explanation.”

“You call that fun?” Howard asked.

“You might as well name him COVID, he’s born in the time of COVID,” Robin added with a laugh.