Howard Recalls Type O Negative Appearance and Questions Gary Dell’Abate’s Rock Hall Voting Power

“He did order ’99 Luftballoons’ for the record store,” co-host Robin Quivers jokingly defends

February 22, 2021

Howard couldn’t help but reminisce on Monday about Type O Negative’s 2000 appearance on the Stern Show after recently watching their in-studio performance of Neil Young’s classic “Cinnamon Girl.”

“They were so good,” he recalled. “I love that song.”

Stern Show executive producer Gary Dell’Abate also praised the version but admitted he had a hard time separating it from lead singer Peter Steele’s nude spread in Playgirl magazine. “For some reason we had cut out his picture and put it on the back of our door because it was so ridiculously huge,” he said of the deceased frontman’s large penis. “I can’t even hear this song without seeing his dick.”

Also brought up Monday was the fact that despite being eligible for more than two decades, classic rockers Bad Company have not been featured on the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ballot – and Gary is on the voting committee. “You’re [singer] Paul Rogers, you beat the odds … you’ve sold millions and millions of albums,” Howard imagined.  “And then one day … he finds out Gary Dell’Abate is in charge of whether he gets into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.”

“He did order ‘99 Luftballons’ for the record store,” co-host Robin Quivers jokingly defended after Gary took some hits for everything from his vinyl collection to his glory days working at a Long Island record shop.

Despite the lumps, Gary was quick to distance himself from the Bad Company snub.

“I’m not on the nominating committee. I only get to vote on who they give us – I’ve never seen them on the ballot,” he noted before explaining the process further. “I’m one of 700 people who votes and no one has not gotten in by one vote.”