VIDEO: ‘Alex Jones’ and ‘Gene Simmons’ Bring Their Vaccine-Related Feud to the Stern Show

“You look like you snort horse tranquilizers,” the “KISS bassist” says

December 6, 2021

Two former Stern Show guests made news recently when Info Wars host Alex Jones took rock legend Gene Simmons to task for requiring guests on his “Kiss Kruise” to get vaccinated against COVID-19. On Wednesday morning, Howard invited impressionists of the two celebrities onto the show to clear the air. What started with a polite knock on the door ended with “Gene” and “Alex” going at each other’s throats.

“We are at war people!” “Alex Jones” began. “I’m playing 5-D chess here … and I don’t apologize for using French to talk about them, or you, or Gene Simmons,” he continued, calling the Kiss vocalist and bassist a “demon scumbag.”

“Alex, I don’t know why you’re coming after me. You’re publicly criticizing me for telling people to get the vaccine,” “Simmons” responded, adding, “You’re making fun of my appearance? You look like you snort horse tranquilizers and fuck giraffe pussies.”

“That’s how stupid you are. You don’t snort, you huff horse tranquilizers. You don’t know that because you wear your dumb clown outfits and eat bat heads,” “Jones” said.

Howard couldn’t take it anymore. “Guys, I feel like I’m in the middle of Godzilla versus King Kong,” he said, hoping for a ceasefire.

Neither celebrity was interested in giving peace a chance, but each was happy to use their appearance to promote their questionable products.

“Jones” plugged everything from DNA shields and iodine toothpaste to survival flashlights and food buckets. “Free storewide shipping with promo code ‘Gene Simmons Baloney Tits,’” he boasted.

“Simmons,” meanwhile, shilled branded holiday items, like Kiss Christmas trees, eggnog recipes, menorahs, and even a Gene Simmons dreidel. “It’s 25 more days ‘til Kwanzaa,” “Gene” announced at one point.

“It’s dueling plugs here,” Howard laughed before bidding his guests farewell.