Howard Remembers Late Comedian Gilbert Gottfried

“I have a really fond place in my heart for Gilbert … he was a master of his craft,” he says of the longtime Stern Show guest

April 13, 2022

The comedy world has a lost a legend.

Stand-up comedian, actor, and longtime Stern Show guest Gilbert Gottfried has passed away. He was 67.

On Wednesday Howard remembered Gilbert, who had been on the show over 100 times throughout the years, for his unique comedic voice. “I thought Gilbert was one of the most naturally funny, most gifted human beings on the planet,” he said of the late comic. ”I always loved having Gilbert on the show and he was always funny.”

Having started his stand-up career at 15, Gilbert’s first break came at 25 when he became a cast member of “Saturday Night Live”—a stint which last 12 episodes. And, despite roles in everything from the films “Problem Child” and “Aladdin” to his celebrated roast work on Comedy Central, Howard admitted he wanted more for the comic. “I wanted Gilbert to be the most successful, the most celebrated comedian in the world because I knew he had the natural talent,” he said of Gottfried, who also appeared on Howard’s Channel 9 show and his TV comedy series “Son of the Beach.” “But Gilbert didn’t want to be pushed.”

Howard also highlighted some of the many impressions and characters Gilbert performed on the show over the years, including Gilbert Dice Clay, Dracula Gottfried, Rabbi Gottfried, Jerry Seinfeld, and Groucho Marx. “Most people who do an impression of Groucho Marx would do an impression of him as a young man,” he noted. “The brilliance of Gilbert was his impression was when Groucho was old and senile.”

He also recalled seeing Gilbert at Caroline’s Comedy Club in New York. “He had an act that was so funny,” Howard remarked. “I was like, ‘Wow boy, there’s Gilbert’s superpower. That son of a bitch can get up on a stage and make people laugh like that.’”

Growing sentimental, Howard spoke warmly of Gottfried. “I have a really fond place in my heart for Gilbert,” he said. “He was terrific, he was a master of his craft.”