VIDEO: Pirates, Sitcoms, and Sprinkles? Here’s Everything Howard Hated in 2022

Plus, Howard unveils a list of everything he said he loved this year

December 14, 2022

With just a handful of days left in 2022, it’s time for the annual tradition of looking back at the many, many things Howard Stern said he hated on air this year.

“Turns out I hate a lot,” he told listeners on Tuesday morning before debuting the latest montage of everything that got under his skin.

From gag gifts and the Met Gala to sitcoms, the Soviet Union, and sprinkles — “I hate people who go, ‘the ice cream isn’t enough.’ Ice cream is such an orgasm for the mouth! You need sprinkles?” — the King of All Media found plenty which peeved him in 2022. “I’m very specific in my hate, but I stand by all of that,” he told co-host Robin Quivers with a laugh.

He then played a montage of all the things he loved in 2022, from little ducks and Carvel’s Fudgie the Whale to his audience, his family, his staff, and even Bobo. “Robin, you will be pleased to know … I hated 77 things this year, but I loved a whopping — get ready for this — 287 things,” Howard said.

“That is really good,” Robin marveled. “I am proud of you.