Richard Christy Wins Super Bowl Bet … And Somehow Winds up Getting Punished With Pube Beard

“It’s in my mouth,” Stern Show staffer tells Howard after getting reprimanded for not honoring agreement with Will Murray

February 13, 2023

It was supposed to be a win-win situation. When Richard Christy spoke recently of his Kansas City Chiefs taking on his wife’s beloved Philadelphia Eagles in Super Bowl LVII he was excited at the prospect of cheering on their teams together. But a day after K.C. edged out Philly 38-35 to reclaim their championship throne, the Stern Show staffer admitted it wound up being a much more subdued affair. “It was the worst sports watching experience I’ve had in my freaking life,” he told Howard Monday morning. “[My wife] didn’t even want to look at me when the game started … She’s like, ‘You’ve got to go down to the basement.’”

Despite his wife cheering so loudly at times that staffer Will Murray compared audio of to “an exorcism,” Richard went with a much more understated approach. “I was quietly celebrating by myself where she couldn’t hear me,” he noted.

It was so bad that Richard couldn’t enjoy the spoils of his bet with Will, which was supposed to conclude with the loser wiping the winner’s rear with their favorite jersey. “I’m going to get so much shit for this but, in respect to my wife and Eagles fans … I will not wipe my ass on an Eagles jersey,” Richard explained to Howard of his decision to back out of the agreement. “I would never be able to step foot in Philly again.”

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

As punishment for not honoring a bet, even as a winner, Richard had to wear a mustache fashioned from Will’s pubic hair. “This is what happens when you cheat the Eagles, you son of a bitch,” Will said as he pasted his freshly shaven hairs onto Richard’s face.

“It’s in my mouth,” Richard reported as a look of disgust washed over him. “I can’t talk or I’ll swallow pubes … they’re falling on my tongue.”

And while co-host Robin Quivers observed that things were getting “ugly,” others were much more pleased. “This is the greatest day of my life,” Sal Governale announced.

“This is the best Super Bowl loss ever,” Will added.