Tan Mom Updates Howard on Her TV Show and Her Potential Love Interest

“I’m really, really happy … he cares about me,” Wack Packer tells Howard

February 21, 2023
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Has Tan Mom’s luck taken a turn? Months after opening up about health issues and a broken engagement, the longtime Wack Packer has apparently met someone new. “I’m really, really happy — I met somebody,” she told Howard Tuesday of the man, who is a new producer on her “Tan Talk” show. “He’s from California … and I’ve been chatting with him lately, so that’s been exciting.”

But don’t expect wedding bells anytime soon. “I’m taking it slow because … I’ve lost a lot of trust in men,” Patricia explained. “He’s actually the one pursuing me … He just says, ‘You’re beautiful and I like your sense of humor, I like your company, you’re easy to talk to’ … he doesn’t care about, you know, how Tan Mom started. He cares about me.”

Things are also going well professionally. “Tan Talk,” which started as a special with frequent collaborator Adam Barta back in 2020, has hit the streaming services. “People seem to like it … it made it to Tubi, which is really exciting,” Tan Mom revealed. “We’re making money and we’ll have another three-part series coming up … this is going to come out better because I feel better today than I ever have.”