From Award Shows to Root Canals, Howard and Robin Recap an Eventful Break

“You would think after 2 weeks I’d be very well rested … but just the opposite,” Howard says with a laugh

March 20, 2023
Photo: Getty Images

Howard and co-host Robin Quivers had plenty to discuss Monday morning after returning from an eventful break filled with everything from dental procedures and pill esophagitis to the 95th annual Academy Awards. After kicking off the show with a techno-inspired rendition of Rob Zombie’s “Great American Nightmare,” Howard also revealed that despite the respite he still felt sluggish.

“You would think after two weeks I’d be very well rested and ready to go, but just the opposite – doing a radio show is like a muscle,” Howard mused before talking about the recent troubles in his mouth which began with tooth sensitivity and ended with a root canal. “It was great, let me tell you,” Howard joked of the procedure before explaining he then had a negative reaction to some medicine. “Remind me to take more time off,” he laughed.

Far less painful was the 2023 Oscars broadcast, which saw recent Stern Show guest Brendan Fraser take home the award for Best Actor in a Leading Role — just as Howard had predicted during their February interview.

Howard and Robin both agreed their good friend Jimmy Kimmel did a great job hosting the Academy Awards, which apparently pulled in high ratings despite its long run-time. “Good for Jimmy,” Howard said, adding, “And Jimmy’s wife Molly … executive produced [the Oscars], and I thought she did a great job.”