Michael Rapaport Came in Last Place in Stern Show ‘Bachelor’ Pool … and Then Didn’t Pay

“You didn’t pay, and you know you didn’t f-ckin’ pay – that is some bullsh-t,” commissioner Samantha Fontana complains

March 29, 2023

As a first-year commissioner of the Emotional Friends Fantasy Football League last year, Michael Rapaport gave himself high marks for the way he ran things, including his hands-on approach. But according to reports, the actor has failed to even pay what he owes for participating in the Stern Show’s “Bachelor” fantasy league.

“Bro, you didn’t pay, and you know you didn’t fuckin’ pay — that is some bullshit,” staffer and league commissioner Samantha Fontana said Wednesday morning after the actor initially denied the allegation. “Why are you lying about not paying? Pay up!”

“I tried to Venmo you twice and you’re like, ‘No, you sent it to … the wrong Samantha,” Rapaport responded before attacking the staffer’s job performance. “The league was [run] poorly.”

JD Harmeyer speculated that it was Rapaport’s poor showing that was holding him back from honoring his bets. “The fucker came in dead last in the league, he’s an idiot,” the staffer noted. “No wonder he’s trying to back out of paying.”

After being made aware of the situation, “Bachelor” star Zach Shallcross recorded a message encouraging the “Only Murders in the Building” star to make things right. “On behalf of the ‘Bachelor’ fantasy league, pay up, Rapaport,” he demanded.