Samantha Fontana Blames Her Mom for Having the Lowest Uber Rating on Stern Show Staff

“I love my mother but she’s a lot,” she tells Howard of her parent’s use of her account

March 29, 2023

How many stars?

A high passenger rating from ridesharing behemoth Uber, especially in metropolitan areas, can be as important to some people as a good credit score. Which is why during a discussion Wednesday morning, Howard was shocked at some of the relatively low scores a few of his staffers had racked up.

Known for aggressive behaviors such as going on the offensive on fast-food lines and causing a scene at a casino, Jon Hein had the third lowest score of 4.67 out of 5 possible stars. “I have certain standards that I expect to be met as the drivers do with me,” he told Howard firmly. “I’m a very respectful passenger, I tip very well, but I consider it to be my ride because I’m the customer … I will let them know in a very polite way that they’re doing that and, as a result …  I have received 13 1-star ratings. I have also gotten 368 5-star ratings.”

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Benjy Bronk came in next with a 4.6, which he was more than content with. “I was really excited about that — that sounds really good,” the longtime staffer admitted before theorizing what might have impacted his score. “I have tweeted out as a complaint that Uber should make the drivers talk to me … I do have [my dog] Chicken with me for every ride.”

On the other hand, Howard was taken aback when he learned the lowest score of 4.52 belonged to Samantha Fontana. “You just seem like a nice person — how could you be so annoying to Uber drivers?” he wondered.

Samantha was equally surprised since she doesn’t use the service that often and, as someone who worked for years in the service industry, has always tried to be respectful to drivers. “As someone who has been treated like shit on the other end of this, I realty make sure to say please and thank you and tip and not be an asshole,” she insisted.

Instead, Sam thinks the lower score could be connected to occasionally bringing her dog along for the ride or, even more likely, the times her mother has used her account. “I love my mother but she’s a lot,” she revealed.  “I think she’s being neurotic and a little obnoxious … honestly, I think she probably talks too much.”

Samantha’s mother actually wound up calling in to defend her daughter. “Let me just say that she is by far the best tipper I’ve ever met in my life,” she said of the staffer. Mom did own up to being a bit chatty in the backseat, too. “These Uber drivers … I want to know what’s going on — like, I want to ask them questions. I want to know where they’re from.”

“Mom, I love you, but they don’t want to talk to you,” Sam responded. “I can just see it … you’re getting in the car and you’re going like, ‘So when did you get here from Bangladesh? Tell me, what kind of food do you eat?’ … It’s like having Mariann from Brooklyn in the back of your car, I’m sure of it.”