VIDEO: Ronnie Mund Gets Wedding Vow Advice From Howard, Robin Quivers, and Gary Dell’Abate

“We’re gonna ripping you a new asshole, but don’t pay attention to that,” Howard jokes

April 5, 2023

With Ronnie Mund’s big-budget wedding day growing nearer, his Stern Show colleagues couldn’t help but wonder how the planning was progressing. On Wednesday, Howard’s easily agitated former limo driver said he was excited for an upcoming tasting with their caterer but less enthusiastic about planning the ceremony’s more emotional components. “I don’t mind all the partying shit, it’s the whole ceremony bullshit … I don’t have to do it in front of 200-and-something fucking people,” Ronnie said. “That’s just not me. It never was.”

“You’re a soft guy inside,” Howard countered, suggesting Ronnie should therefore give his longtime fiancée a well-deserved heartfelt moment in front of their loved ones.

Co-host Robin Quivers concurred. “This moment is about you and Stephanie, not anybody else.”

Everyone from the Ronnie Puppet to executive producer Gary Dell’Abate chimed in and added their two cents, with the former joking about Ronnie’s May-December romance while the latter said he shouldn’t worry about how the staff might react at the ceremony. “It’s Stephanie’s day. You have to tune [everyone] else out,” Gary said.

Howard agreed. “We’re gonna be ripping you a new asshole, but don’t pay attention to that,” he joked.

“Thanks for the help,” Ronnie laughed.