Ronnie ‘the Limo Driver’ Mund & Stephanie Have a Dirty Wedding Website

“If I was getting married and my [fiancée] made a website and on there is ‘Let’s get this sh-t started’ and ‘D-ckhole,’ I would pull her aside,” Howard tells Stern Show staffer

May 12, 2023

When invitees were sent a link to the official wedding website of Ronnie the Limo Driver and his fiancée Stephanie recently, it likely didn’t take long to realize this wasn’t your typical marriage site.

“That’s quite a website,” Howard observed Tuesday morning. “The best is there’s a lot of pictures of Ronnie and Stephanie’s dad hanging out — Stephanie’s dad looks like Ronnie’s kid.”

But Howard was particularly curious about one thing — the liberal use of curse words throughout. “I couldn’t make a website if I tried,” Ronnie defended before specifically addressing the word “dickhole.” “That’s [Stephanie’s] nickname for me … I haven’t even seen it.”

“If I was getting married and my [fiancée] made a website and on there is ‘Let’s get this shit started” and dickhole, I would pull her aside,” Howard responded. “I’m not trying to bust balls … I’m trying to help my brother.”

Howard also spotted a potential typo in the phrase “Drinks and a few light bits.” “I think they mean ‘bites,’” he suggested.

“I didn’t know if that meant we were doing some comedy bits,” staffer Jason Kaplan admitted.

As Ronnie continued to plead ignorance to any issues with the website, including confusion over the dress code, co-host Robin Quivers decided to call him out. “It’s your day too, dickhole,” she said with a laugh.