Howard and Samantha Fontana Preview ‘Woo Sam’s Mom’ Dating Game

“I’m very nervous,” the staffer says of her mother’s upcoming appearance

May 15, 2023
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard and co-host Robin Quivers kicked off the new week with the preview of Tuesday’s hotly anticipated segment Woo Sam’s Mom. The dating game will see an array of suitors attempt to win a date with Samantha Fontana’s mother, who became a listener favorite earlier this year after she called into the show to discuss her Uber rating and ended up talking about her romantic life instead.

“Are you excited for your mom to find love?” Howard asked Sam on Monday.

“I’m having trouble talking about it … I start stuttering,” she admitted, explaining her back office colleagues kept her out of meetings regarding the dating game to preserve its mystery. “I’m trying to be a good sport and stay in the dark, but I’m very nervous. I’m shaking right now.”

Sam went on to say she and her mom spent part of Mother’s Day picking out her outfit for the show: “She’s gonna wear a black jumpsuit with a little … suede or leather blazer kind of thing over it — and heels.”

There’s more to Sam’s mom than just her good looks, of course—what really drew listeners in was her candor. “I think that’s what people found so special about your mom, that she has no filter,” Howard said.

“I cannot even imagine what she’s gonna say,” Samantha agreed before detailing a recent instance of her mom oversharing. “She had a story about a guy that showed her that he could fuck himself in the ass with his own dick.”

Howard was stunned. “I think I’ve seen everything … but I gotta tell you I don’t think I’ve seen [that].”

“Does she still have his number?” Robin added with a laugh. “We might need him on the show.”

“Robin, he’s our top candidate,” Howard joked.

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