Memet Walker Gets a Bit Rejected … Again

“I’m still going to look at it as a win, because … now characters are a big part of the show,” Stern Show staffer says of “Tony Hawking” idea

June 27, 2023
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

There was the Super Bowl commercial. Then there was the Times Square billboard. And now, Stern Show staffer Memet Walker has yet another rejected idea under his belt — a quadriplegic skateboarder.

“I pitched a character that was a mix of Tony Hawk, the pro skater, and Stephen Hawking, the astrophysicist, and his name is Tony Hawking,” he recalled during a segment highlighting bits that Howard has said no to. “I feel like the name alone is kind of brilliant and people still tell me to this day maybe Howard made a huge mistake not playing this character.”

“I felt Tony Hawking was something that needed huge set up, I didn’t feel the material was that funny,” Howard explained. “The way I weigh everything out [is], ‘Would this be better than Robin and I talking?’ And I felt it wasn’t.”

Despite the rejection, Memet believes he was ahead of his time. “In a way, I’m still going to look at it as a win, because now, that kind of inspired other people to pitch lots of characters and now characters are a big part of the show,” he insisted.

To be fair, Memet isn’t the only one to get turned down. Building off a bit featuring Ronnie Mund and the Ronnie’s Mom character (played by the late Angela Muto), Chris Wilding once pitched the duo singing an entire album about an inappropriate relationship between mother and son.

“I believe you actually rejected this bit twice, and I do understand why,” Chris recalled. “It’s one of the vilest, most offensive things I’ve ever written.”

“What do you do with listeners who don’t hear every minute of the show?” Howard said of turning it down. “It is so much to explain, so this could be laughed at as opposed to shutting down the show.”

Jon Blitt also had a few rejected bits, including inviting unsuspecting guests to a gourmet dinner with a prop baby as the meal, tricking dozens of customers into doing a non-existent supermarket shopping spree, and a sequel to “Private Parts,” “Private Parts 2: Killing Hitler.”

“I have an idea for a bit for you — tell me why I shouldn’t fire you right now?” Howard joked after hearing his ideas.

Even JD Harmeyer got in a pitch, playing audio of a bit he did with Blitt where “Star Wars” director George Lucas visits a massage parlor.

“There’s so many things going through my head,” co-host Robin Quivers marveled.

“Didn’t I just hire you to watch television?” Howard teased his longtime staffer.