NFL Superstar Travis Kelce Injured His Knee … Right After JD Harmeyer Drafted Him 1st in Fantasy Football

"Do you feel like you have a black cloud hanging over your head?" Howard asks his staffer

September 6, 2023

While most fantasy football team owners can’t wait for the N.F.L. season to kick off on Thursday, the Stern Show’s own JD Harmeyer might be the exception. The sports-loving staffer had high hopes a few days ago when he drafted Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce, but the all-pro has since injured his knee and might not suit up for the opener.

“That was [JD’s] first pick,” explained colleague and Chiefs superfan Richard Christy.

Howard wondered whether JD had drafted poorly or if he simply had a black cloud following him everywhere he went, but the staffer insisted his reasoning for taking Kelce so early had been sound. “I had him last year. He did great,” JD said. “He never gets injured, and I felt very confident taking him.”

JD — a proud Cincinnati Bengals fan — then revealed he had mixed feelings when it came to Kelce’s injury. “Part of me hopes he doesn’t play because that means the Chiefs have less of a chance of winning,” he said.

As it turned out, JD also had mixed feelings about the new commissioner of the Emotional Friends Fantasy Football League, SiriusXM host and fantasy football analyst Michael Fabiano, whom JD criticized for being too nice and giving team owners unsolicited advice.

“JD has been a little nasty with him,” Richard said.

“The commissioner should remain impartial and just deal with the rules,” JD insisted before assuring Howard he wasn’t gunning for Fabiano’s job. “I don’t want to be commissioner.”

As Gary Dell’Abate saw it, nobody did. “We’re on our fourth commissioner,” he said, explaining Will Murray, Jason Kaplan, and celebrity superfan Michael Rapaport have each taken a turn in the past.

Howard couldn’t believe it. “If I was you guys, I would kiss Fabiano’s balls and say thank you for doing this stupid thing that’s actually taking [up time in] his life,” he laughed.