AUDIO: Ronnie the Limo Driver Gets Irked Over Wedding Questions

First dance? Speeches? Food? Jon Blitt asked all about Ronnie and Stephanie's fast-approaching nuptials

September 19, 2023
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Planning a wedding reception can be a complicated and sometimes frustrating affair, and in the case of Ronnie “the Limo Driver” Mund, the soon-to-be-married Stern Show stalwart is taking his frustrations out on colleague Jonathan Blitt.

“Blitt gets under Ronnie’s skin real fast … [and] I’ve never seen anybody with the level of anger that Ronnie has. It’s insane,” Howard said Tuesday morning before playing a clip of the staffers’ heated conversation.

The drama began after Blitt asked Ronnie whether he and Stephanie planned to partake in a customary “first dance.” Ronnie wasn’t sure. “Would you do a solo dance, just you?” Blitt wondered.

“No, this is not a fucking monkey show!” Ronnie snapped. “I’ve been to 100 fucking weddings – no one does that.”

His temper didn’t cool when the topic changed to the welcome party Ronnie was planning to have in his hotel suite.

“Can guests order room service at the welcome party?” Blitt asked.

“No, go to your own room and order fucking room service!” Ronnie said. “[And] eat it in your fucking room, not my room. It’s ridiculous.”

Howard then brought Ronnie on the air to explain his frustration. “[Blitt] doesn’t stop with these crazy ass questions. It’s insane,” Ronnie told him. “It’s just so aggravating. It drives you out of your mind.”

Howard felt for his longtime friend. “You’re so amped up, man. I hope you have fun at the wedding, I really do,” he told Ronnie, adding, “Try and calm down.”