VIDEO: Fred Norris Sent Howard Another Rolling Stones-Inspired Song

“This fake song is ‘Understanding’ — something we don’t have,” Howard’s longtime sound effects maestro jokes

September 27, 2023

More than 37 years after pulling off the famous “Harlem Shuffle” hoax, Fred Norris has recorded another fake Rolling Stones song ahead of one of the legendary band’s releases. “It’s kind of a call back,” he confirmed Wednesday before recalling how the first stunt came to be. “We recorded ‘Harlem Shuffle’ and put it out to just piss everybody off and make the radio stations think that we had an advanced copy.”

But while in 1986 radio stations fought to be the first ones to debut a song from a major band like the Stones, the landscape has since changed. Which is why Howard was unsure what to make of the track inspired by “Hackney Diamonds,” the band’s first album in 18 years. “Now nobody cares,” he explained. “[Fred] recorded what he thinks it’s going to sound like, but I didn’t know what to do with it.”

Still, Howard decided to play a snippet of the fake version, but not before a brief note from Fred. “The Stones song is ‘Angry,’ this fake song is ‘Understanding’ — something we don’t have,” he joked.