AUDIO: Richard Christy Sees How Many Times He Can Say ‘Morning’ in New Tradio Prank Call

Plus, the Stern Show staffer recalls getting busted as a teenager for his Tradio pranks

November 13, 2023
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

You could say Richard Christy was destined for his job making phony phone calls at the Stern Show. On Monday, he told Howard of the 10,000 hours he and his friends put in pranking people, including their local Tradio station. “We were called the Tradio Bandits,” he revealed before noting they even discovered a tactic he’s since used as a professional. “We’d crank the radio up and just hold the phone up to the radio and it would feedback … it would go on forever.”

Richard’s future career could have been jeopardized when the police paid a visit to his family home, but thankfully his parents were mostly supportive. “‘Maybe just call stations from out of town if you can,’” he recalled his father saying at the time. “They were only upset because they thought they wouldn’t be able to buy stuff off Tradio anymore — luckily they didn’t get banned.”

While Howard had Richard there, he debuted his latest Tradio stunt — an attempt to see how many times he could shoehorn the word “morning” into the call before the host hung up on him. “Does your morning show take music requests this morning?” he asked before eventually hitting 59 instances. “I was hoping to hear ‘Good Morning Good Morning’ by the Beatles … it goes ‘Good morning, good morning, good morning.’”

Listen to the full call (below).