PHOTOS: Webcam Model Amouranth Shows Memet Walker and Wolfie How She Bottles Farts and Hot Tub Water for Big Bucks

Also, staffer Richard Christy smells one of Amouranth’s fart jars live on the air

February 27, 2024
Photo: Getty Images

Stern Show staffers Memet Walker and Wolfie recently embedded themselves with live-streaming superstar Amouranth, who in addition to being one of the most popular cam models on the internet is an alternative entrepreneur known for everything from her cosplay and A.S.M.R. videos to her willingness to sell dirty underwear, used hot tub water, and even jars of her own flatulence — for the right price.

“This woman makes a living jarring [her] farts and letting guys watch her sleep on a webcam – and she’s a millionaire from that,” Memet told Howard Tuesday morning. “A lot of times she’s not even naked. She’s just in a bikini, [though] she does have an OnlyFans where she makes lots of money.”

He said they were shocked upon entering Amouranth’s home: “She had tens of thousands of dollars in cash just laying around like it was trash on the floors and the counters … “[There] had to be at least 30 grand. At least.”

Digging a little deeper, they found an “army” of helpers and assistant, including Morgan, whose responsibilities included shaving Amouranth’s bottom with an eyebrow razor before photo shoots. “I was like, ‘Bend over. Let me get it for you.’ I was like kind of nervous because I’m not trying to cut this girl’s asshole open,” Morgan recalled. “It’s like, ‘Oh, another day at the office. I’m going to shave this girl’s butthole and it will be fine.’”

They also spoke with a guy who helped Amouranth get her farts (among other things) into jars so she could sell them for big bucks at conventions and online. “We call the [jarred farts] Cutie Pa-Toot-ies,” he said, explaining they were selling up to 10 of those a week for about $1,000 each.

Wolfie got up close and personal with Amouranth as she began the bottling process. “I’m about to fart in this jar,” she told him. “I have to hold it up to my asshole, and I have to make a tight seal between [it] and my butt cheeks so it can’t escape,” she continued before finally letting one rip: “Oh, there it is … We did it!”

“Do you get a sense of pride when you’re able to [fart] on command?” Wolfie asked.

“Yeah,” she said. “When I have to go take a shit there’s that gas-ball sometimes first, and you can just like bang out 10 in a row — depending on what I ate that day.”

Howard was blown away. “I hate to say it, but her asshole is like the golden goose,” he laughed.

Wondering what people did with the farts and dirty hot tub water, the Stern Show followed Amouranth to a live-streamer convention where people lined up around the block to purchase everything she had to sell. “What are you going to do with that jar when you get home?” Wolfie asked one man who purchased one of her fart jars.

“I’m going to keep it … and treasure it my entire life,” the happy customer responded.

Wolfie then spoke with a different man who purchased her bath water with the intent to ingest it. “It smells like bathwater to be honest … I can definitely smell some hint of her natural scent,” he said before taking a sip. “I want to gargle it. I want to savor it in my mouth,” he continued as he drank even more. “That was good.”

Amouranth’s plans for bottling her essence and fluids didn’t end there, either.

“She’s building an empire,” Wolfie said, explaining the live streamer had already purchased everything from gas stations to plots of land in Florida with her earnings, and there was no end in sight. She said she’d even considered selling her own feces.

“Why flush it down the drain when you could make money out of it?” Amouranth told him before suggesting she could reap $10 grand per bowel movement if only it weren’t so legally and logistically tricky.

With that, it was finally time for Richard to open her fart jar. “I’m ready to get it the hell out of my house. So please let me just smell it,” he told Howard.

With a drum roll, Richard unsealed the jar. “Opening now,” he said. “I do not smell anything, Howard. There’s nothing in there anymore.”

Some staffers wondered if he should get a refund, but Richard demurred. “Maybe the jar’s worth something,” he suggested. “I can use it for jelly or jam.”