AUDIO: Sal Governale and Richard Christy Prank Their Dads for Father’s Day

“They’re two great people to listen to … but they’re very different,” Howard says of the staffers’ fathers

June 17, 2024
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

With Father’s Day fresh in the books the Stern Show took a few minutes on Monday morning to honor the fathers of staffers Richard Christy and Sal Governale. “We love Richard Christy’s dad, and we love Sal’s dad. They’re two great people to listen to … but they’re very different people,” Howard remarked before playing clips of Mr. Christy offering up tips for eating roadkill and Mr. Governale claiming he invented the concept of pizza toppings.

To celebrate the occasion, Richard and Sal put their dads on the phone with one another for the very first time and pranked them by proposing several outlandish ideas for new on-air stunts, like eating feces and having sex in Times Square.

Needless to say, the dads weren’t all that receptive.

Later, Sal shared a few childhood memories of his dad. “I always wanted to go to the zoo, so one day he took me to the horse track [and] said it was the zoo,” he told Howard. “The only animal there was a horse, and he said, ‘This zoo only has horses.’”

Sal’s heartwarming father-son stories didn’t end there, either. “Then we went to Arizona … and the only place he took me [was] a dog track,” he lamented.

“A dog zoo,” Howard corrected with a laugh.