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September 11, 2015

Tune in each week to see the featured matchups!

For updated scores, league standings, team stats and more, head over to our League page at ESPN!

(*Note on our scoring system. In our league you can win or lose up to two points per week. 1 point for winning your head to head matchup, 1 point for finishing in the top five of scores for the week. So, you could lose 125-120 but still go 1-1 for the week.)

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Week Thirteen (Michael Rapaport vs. Gary Dell’Abate)

The featured matchup you’ve all been waiting for is here …

Week Ten (Gary Dell’Abate vs. JD Harmeyer)

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The heat is turned up in the Emotional Friends League with a few frontrunners battling it out for those Ws. Will Murray took down Matthew Berry in the featured matchup, while previous champions Jon Hein and Gary Dell’Abate easily took down Scott Salem and Lisa Ann respectively. Ben Barto came out with another win over JD Harmeyer and the commissioner had a really bad time contending with league tormentor Michael Rapaport.

This week we have an intriguing matchup of the week featuring none other than Gary Dell’Abate and JD Harmeyer. Tune in for the results.

Week Noine (Will Murray vs. Matthew Berry)

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Last week saw a crisis averted for JD Harmeyer as Lisa Ann got within striking distance of a win — but alas she couldn’t pull it off in the end. Elsewhere in the league, Michael Rapaport took home another loss, this time to past champion John Hein. Ben Barto picked up a major win against expert analyst Matthew Berry. Scott Salem overtook frontrunner Will Murray and Jason Kaplan overtook Gary Dell’abate.

This week we have a battle of fantasy titans as ESPN’s Matthew Berry takes on the Stern Show’s Will Murray to see who’s the better man … or team.

Week Noine (JD Harmeyer vs. Lisa Ann)

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Last week saw some close calls across the board. Ben Barto topped Lisa Ann 86-61 — and yet either of their scores would have been destroyed by literally any other member of the league. Elsewhere, Matthew Berry found some surprisingly stiff competition from Scott Salem, but pulled out the win nonetheless. Rapaport’s DeLight made Berry’s Bitch (Will Murray) his bitch instead this week as well with a 145.1 to 117.1 victory. Gary defeated Jon Hein. And the commissioner, Jason Kaplan, found a win over JD.

This week will see a featured matchup of JD Harmeyer vs. Lisa Ann. Can Lisa begin a turnaround of her season? Will JD’s resolve falter? Tune in with us throughout the week to find out?

Week Eight (Jon Hein vs. Gary Dell’Abate)

Last week saw Michael Rapaport suffer a huge loss to fantasy expert Matthew Berry in the matchup of the week, but maybe more of a shocker was Scott Salem’s decimation of (Who Is) Ben Barto (?) with 129.7 points to 77. Elsewhere in the league Gary Dell’Abate clinched a win over Will Murray, Jason Kaplan took an easy win over Lisa Ann, and Jon Hein overtook JD Harmeyer.

This week we’ve got a featured matchup of past champions Jon “Hein Time” Hein and Gary “Geno 911” Dell’Abate. Follow

Week Seven (Matthew Berry vs. Michael Rapaport)

The showdown of the season thus far has finally arrived: Matthew Berry (the reigning fantasy football expert) and Michael Rapaport (the league’s reigning heel) are going head-to-head in our matchup of the week. While Berry stands and second place overall and Michael in fifth, Rapaport is coming of a win from last week whereas Berry got beaten down by last year’s champ, Gary Dell’Abate.

Final Week Seven Scores:

Week Six Final Scores (No Matchup Of The Week)

Week Five (Jason Kaplan vs. Jon Hein)

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Week Four is over, but not without a dramatic turn. While ranting and raving that he should be awarded two points for Seattle “recovering” a fumble, Michael Rapaport shone a spotlight on his team — a spotlight that revealed to Matthew Berry that Rapaport’s DeLight should have been docked 2 points for Tyler Lockett losing a fumble earlier in the game.

The rules are very clear on this, so for the first time in the Emotional Friends League history Commissioner Jason Kaplan deducted points from a team after the fact. And regardless of the point loss, Michael did suffer his first lost (a complete 0-2 loss) at the hands of Gary Dell’Abate 112.7-92 in the featured matchup of the week.

Fantasy cop Matthew Berry is now #1 after taking Lisa Ann down 95.8 to 77.4. Meanwhile, Will beat out Jason 99.6-76.2. JD is on a roll, sitting at 5-3 after beating Scott Salem (2-6) 120 to 85.3. And finally, Jon Hein beat back Ben Barto’s 1-7 squad 118.2 – 77.5.

Stay tuned for the featured matchup for this week: Commissioner Jason “My Gronk Is Gone!” Kaplan v. Jon “Hein Time” Hein.

Final Week Five Scores:

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Week Four (Michael Rapaport vs. Gary Dell’Abate)

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Week 3 is a wrap and we finally saw Scott “Black Cloud” Salem catch a break and eek out the win over Lisa Ann’s injury-wracked “Game Changers.”

Elsewhere in the league, the commish, Jason Kaplan scored a week-high of 168.7 in his win over his fantasy mentor Matthew Berry. Michael Rapaport absolutely annihilated JD Harmeyer to the point where, if you heard the show this week you know, JD pondered quitting the league. Luckily he is staying put for some more punishment. Rounding out the week, Will Murray bested Jon Hein and Ben Barto took down reigning champ Gary Dell’Abate.

Stay tuned for this week’s featured matchup for the ages: Rapaport’s DeLight aka There Will Be Blood (Michael Rapaport) v. Geno 911 (Gary Dell’Abate).

Final Week Four Scores:

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Week Three (Scott Salem vs. Lisa Ann)

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Week 2 is over and we have to go right to the unmitigated disaster Lisa Ann’s team looks like. Lisa quadrupled down on America’s Team, drafting Tony Romo, Dez Bryant, Jason Witten and Joseph Randle, believing that THIS is the year the Cowboys turn into that offensive powerhouse their preseason predictors have been preaching would happen since 2002. If this was Scott’s team we’d blame the black cloud.

Speaking of which, the Matchup Of The Week for Week 3 is none other than The Black Cloud v. America’s Injury Report Team aka Scott “Are You Kidding Me?” Salem vs. Lisa “Game Changer” Ann.

In other news, last week’s featured — Gary vs. JD — was very exciting! Going into Monday night, Gary only needed 7 points from Chris Ivory to seal a victory and he came thiiiiiiiiiiiis close to getting it. But alas, he falls 0.8 points short and falls to 2-2.

Elsewhere in the league last week Will Murray bested Ben Barto, Michael Rapaport of course destroyed Lisa Ann, Matthew Berry overtook Jon Hein, and Scott Salem took a beating from Jason Kaplan.

As always, follow all of the smack talk on social media with the hashtag: #STERNFL

Week Three Final Scores:

For updated scores, league standings, team stats and more, head over to our League page at ESPN!

Week Two (Gary Dell’Abate vs. JD Harmeyer)

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Week 1 is in the books with Matthew Berry taking down Will in their featured matchup with a score of 134.2 to 92. Rounding out the week: Rapaport beat out Commissioner Jason Kaplan, Gary Dell’Abate edged Lisa Ann for the win, Jon Hein predictably overtook Scott Salem, and JD conquered Ben Barto.

This week we’re featuring a showdown between the reigning champion, Gary (Team Geno 911) and blubbering savant JD (Straight Outta GRONKton).

Week Two Final Scores:

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Week One (Matthew Berry vs. Will Murray)

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Football season is here and we’re ready for week one with a featured matchup between one of the foremost experts on fantasy football, ESPN’s Matthew Berry (Get the Poison Out) squaring off against a rival in the Stern Show’s Senior Producer Will Murray (Berry Sucks).

Both Matthew and Will are hoping to become first-time champions this year, so keep a close watch because this week could really set the tone for the rest of the season.

Week One Final Scores:

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