Padres Announcer Makes Hit ‘Em With the Hein Home Run Call

The latest Stern Show catchphrase continues to conquer the world

August 4, 2016
Photo: MLB

San Diego Padre Jabari Blash’s Aug. 3 home run was a milestone for two reasons: Not only was it the right fielder’s first home run in the major leagues, it was also the MLB debut of the hottest new Stern Show catchphrase, Hit ’em with the Hein!

After Blash rounds the bases and reaches the dugout, Padres announcer Mark Grant can be heard saying, “Hittin’ ’em with the Hein,” forever tying Blash’s big moment in the majors with Stern staffer Jon Hein’s least favorite catchphrase.

Check out the video at and find the “Hein” at 1:05.

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