Seth Rogen: Previously on the Stern Show Quiz

How well do you remember the funnyman's past visits and call-ins to Howard?

August 5, 2016
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  • 1. In 2008, while promoting “Zack and Miri Make a Porno,” Seth told Howard that publicists had started sending him giant boxes of what?

    Photo: The Howard Stern Show
    • Photo: iStock


    • Photo: iStock

      Porn DVDs

    • Photo: iStock

      “Performance” Enhancers

    • Photo: iStock


  • 2. That same year, Seth sat in on a round of “Wheel of Sex” and Will the Farter impressed Seth by farting how many times in just two minutes?

    • 16

    • 67

    • 103

    • 145

  • 3. Seth said he once ran into Kanye West and that Kanye rapped for him in person. Howard asked what one does in that situation and Seth replied:

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    • “You fucking bob your head!”

    • “You tell him you like it. Even if you don’t.”

    • “You just try not to make eye contact.”

    • “You change the subject. Ask him to design you some pants.”

  • 4. When Seth and writing partner Evan Goldberg moved out of the “best office” on the Sony lot, who took their spot? And after what holdup?

    • Photo: PRPhotos

      Sony exec Amy Pascal, after the stench of pot cleared

    • Photo: PRPhotos

      “Skyfall” director Sam Mendes, after it was fumigated for rats

    • Photo: Sony Pictures

      The practical effects team on “Robocop,” after holes in the wall were patched up

    • Photo: Marvel

      The kid who plays Spider-Man, after they treated it for black mold

  • 5. While promoting “Green Hornet” in 2011, Seth said he wanted the star of the old TV show, Van Williams, to make a cameo appearance in the movie… But then Seth heard a rumor Van had become a ________, so he changed his mind.

    Photo: Columbia Pictures
    • Photo: iStock

      A puppeteer for an X-rated puppet show

    • Photo: iStock

      A Mormon sheriff with five wives

    • Photo: iStock

      An ISIS devotee

    • Photo: iStock

      A yoga instructor in Bali

  • 6. Seth once told Howard “We whack off to the same shit!? That’s awesome!” after realizing he and the King of All Media were both fans of which porn star?

    • Photo: The Howard Stern Show

      Little Lupe

    • Photo: The Howard Stern Show

      Bree Olsen

    • Photo: Wonderful World of Videos

      John Holmes

    • Photo: Facebook/LittleCaprice

      Little Caprice

  • 7. In 2012, Seth revealed that he once had to urinate before a meeting with a well known Hollywood A-lister… so he pissed in a bottle, right there in _____’s driveway.

    • Photo: The Howard Stern Show

      Adam Sandler

    • Photo: Paramount Pictures

      Charlton Heston

    • Photo: Marvel

      Scarlett Johansson

    • Photo: Paramount Pictures

      Tom Cruise

  • 8. While promoting “Neighbors,” Seth told Howard that – as a child – he pranked a neighbor by filling his mailbox with what?

    Photo: The Howard Stern Show
    • Grenadine-soaked tampons

    • McDonald’s hamburgers

    • Roadkill

    • Other people’s mail

  • 9. Seth once famously called in to the Stern Show from Michael Strahan’s dressing room. How high did he later say he was?

    • “Baked like a potato”

    • “Higher than a kite”

    • “A little high”

    • “Stoned like a sinner in the Old Testament”

  • 10. Seth later told Howard he had been faced with the option of calling in from the dressing room of either Michael Strahan or this Australian thespian …

    • Photo: Universal Pictures

      Rose Byrne

    • Photo: WENN

      Hugh Jackman

    • Photo: Paramount Pictures

      Russell Crowe

    • Photo: Walt Disney Pictures

      Isla Fisher

You got 0 of 10correct.

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