Geneva Businessman Plans ‘Fellatio Cafe’ in London

Finally, British men will be able start their day right without visiting two locations

August 15, 2016
Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Coffee and oral sex are two bedrocks of the British economy, so it feels only natural that Geneva businessman Bradley Charvet plans to open London’s first “fellatio cafe.”

The concept is simple: up to 100 men sit down for an enjoyable coffee beverage of their choice, while simultaneously receiving oral sex from an escort they selected on an iPad.

The idea, while outlandish, is modeled after similar business already operating in Thailand.

Charvet’s organization, Bumpix, has its sights set on a property near Paddington station. However, the venture has received some pushback, as the Westminster City Council has indicated that the business would be unable to get a license. Additionally, while prostitution is not illegal in Great Britain, running or owning a brothel is illegal.

“We are happy this will be a legal business in the UK, which is nice because it will be organized and controlled,” Charvet told the Evening Standard. “We need to fix some details to avoid trouble. It’s on the way.”

Also on the way is another fellatio cafe in Geneva. Charvet announced plans earlier this year to open one up there in December.

Read more about his plan (including the price points) here.

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