VIDEO: Pauline Hanson Stands Up to Squat Toilets

The Australian Tax Office made some changes to their bathrooms, but the senator isn't having it

August 15, 2016

Not everyone handles change well. Take Patty Hanson, who, when it comes to toilets, is a traditionalist.

It all started when the Australian Tax Office (ATO) endowed their Melbourne offices with squat toilets – which are commonly used in many Asian countries – to accommodate their foreign employees. The ATO’s chief finance officer, Justin Untersteiner, told SBS that the ATO sought to meet “the different needs of our employees.” However, for One Nation party leader and newly elected senator Hanson, this was a flush too far.

Sunday, Hanson posted a beach-backdrop video on Facebook voicing her distaste for these bathroom alterations and disparaging the ATO for catering to the twenty percent of its employees who come from “a non-English speaking background.”

“If they don’t know how to use a toilet here in Australia…then what the hell is going on?” asks Hanson, who also demonstrates how to squat in the video. “‘Cause I know what’s more confusing, and it’s definitely not using a squat toilet. It’s doing our tax,” she concludes with the rise and fall of the sea behind her.

Will these squatty potties tear Australia apart at the seams? Only time will tell.

Check out Hanson’s full video above. (C/o Buzzfeed)

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