The Playboy Mansion Just Sold for $100 Million

Hugh Hefner's legendary domicile of decadence now belongs to another

August 17, 2016
Photo: Chris Hatcher / Photorazzi

It’s the end of an era.

After 45 years of setting the standard for what a house party can be, Hugh Hefner’s Playboy Mansion has sold for $100 million. While the sum is only half of Hefner’s asking price, the Playboy Mansion still becomes the most expensive home ever sold in Los Angeles County. The deal to purchase the mansion was first announced in June, but has only now closed.

So, who could possibly afford to buy the Playboy Mansion? Try the next door neighbor. Indeed, it was purchased by Hostess co-owner Daren Metropoulos, who has lived since 2009 on a piece of property that was once connected to Hef’s mansion. Metropoulos plans on merging both properties to restore the 7.3-acre plot to its original glory.

Hefner won’t be moving out and shacking up in a studio apartment, however. The Playboy mastermind, now 90, is permitted to remain at the mansion for the rest of his days as part of the agreement.

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