Celebrities React to #LochteGate on Social Media

George Takei, Richard Roeper, Chris Rock, and others Tweet out thoughts on Ryan Lochte's ongoing international drama

August 19, 2016
Photo: AP

A few days ago, Ryan Lochte’s biggest problem was the Canadian broadcaster who confused him with fellow U.S. Olympian Michael Phelps. Since then, however, the 32-year-old bleached-blonde swimmer has found himself on the business end of a Brazilian barbecue.

It started Sunday when reports emerged that Lochte and other swimmers had alledgedly been held up at gunpoint. Lochte later told NBC that multiple individuals dressed as police officers had pulled over his taxi, put a gun to their heads, and robbed them of their wallets.

Lochte returned to the States on Tuesday, the very same day Brazilian authorities announced his claim was bogus and stripped the other swimmers — still in Brazil — of their passports. The authorities released video which they say proves the swimmers broke down a gas station door and had a weapon pulled on them by the attendant. Perhaps worse, authorities argue that Lochte and the other swimmers broke the law by filing a false police report.

The media back home has given a name to the ongoing international incident: #LochteGate.

Hollywood’s biggest celebrities, including several friends of the Stern Show, are having a field day with #LochteGate.”

Here are a smattering of their social media reactions:

Ryan Lochte has since apologized for his actions. Click here for more on that.

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