Team Great Britain Deals With Olympic-Level Baggage Claim Mishap

After returning home from Rio, the English Olympians realized they each had the same red bag

August 25, 2016

Baggage claim is rarely the highlight of any flight, but on Tuesday England’s Olympic team learned the true depths of luggage-related misery.

Team Great Britain, by all accounts, had a lovely journey back home after winning 67 medals at this year’s Olympics, even receiving a heroes’ welcome at Heathrow Airport upon their arrival. Spirits were so high, the athletes couldn’t help but sing their own national anthem as they left the plane.

The good vibes were quickly dashed when the team arrived at baggage claim and realized that they had all received the exact same “Great Britain” red duffel bags. The results were posted on Twitter:

After a massive hunt, everyone finally got their correct bags, but it’s safe to assume the team will have purchased some distinctive luggage tags in time for 2020.

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