VIDEO: 'General Hospital' Drops a 'Doctor Strange' Plug

The ABC soap opera heartily endorses the Disney-owned “Doctor Strange”

Photo: ABC

Cross-promotion and product placement pop up everywhere these days, but "General Hospital" has just raised the bar.

The long-running ABC daytime soap opera plugged the upcoming Disney-Marvel film "Doctor Strange" last week by tying it into a spicy love affair! Check out this exchange:

Woman: "You know, Doctor Strange is about to hit theaters pretty soon."

Man: "You may be surprised to hear this, but if I can't see that movie with you, I won't see it. Won't be the same. I don't want to pressure you, it's just how I feel."

As the man starts to walk away, the woman goes after him and they passionately kiss, implying that, yes, they will be attending "Doctor Strange" and you should, too. Check out the clip (below).

"Doctor Strange" hits theaters Nov. 4.