Vaginal Beer Update: Crowdfunding Dried Up Well Short of Goal

Bottled Instinct, a vaginal bacteria-based beer, raised less than $2,000 on Indiegogo after making headlines earlier this year

October 26, 2016
Photo: Indiegogo

Despite boasting alcohol and vagina as its main ingredients, the crowdfunding campaign for vagina beer Bottled Instinct has fallen well short of its goal.

The vaginal bacteria-based libation made headlines back in March after launching an Indiegogo campaign with the tagline “imagine the essence of a woman in one bottle of beer.” But backers only wound up donating around $1,700, leaving Polish creator Wojciech Mann well short of his stated $163,000 goal.

It’s unclear when the funding period ended for the beer, which purports to use “hi-tech of microbiology” to “isolate, examine and prepare lactic acid bacteria from vagina of an unique woman.” In any event, the campaign drew on “flexible funding,” meaning Mann should get to keep the donated funds despite coming up very, very short.

The top perk offered for the vaginal beer was having the donor’s “girlfriend’s bacteria” brewed into 60 bottles of beer for just south of $11,000. Amazingly, that one went unclaimed.

Though the crowdfunding didn’t go as planned, the beer’s parent website is apparently still accepting orders.

Click here for more information on Bottled Instinct.

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