Bruce Springsteen Got Roadside Assistance From a Group of Bikers

“Thunder Road” singer hitches a ride to a nearby bar after motorcycle breaks down

November 14, 2016
Photo: AP

Bruce Springsteen, the American rock icon who sings “Streets of Philadelphia,” “Thunder Road,” “Wreck on the Highway,” “Racing in the Street,” “Backstreets,” “Incident on 57th Street,” “Highway Patrolman,” “State Trooper,” “Cadillac Ranch,” and “Pink Cadillac” found himself stranded Friday on the side of a New Jersey highway after his motorcycle broke down.

Thankfully, a group of bikers who had just left a Veterans Day event at a nearby American Legion came across The Boss and offered him assistance, per the unofficial biker code of conduct. “Bikers gotta stick together,” Dan Barkalow, one of the rescuing motorcyclists, told the Associated Press. “I stopped to see if he needed help, and it was Bruce.”

While they couldn’t get the 67-year-old “Born to Run” singer’s bike started again, they didn’t leave him there for a long walk home, either. Instead, Bruce hopped on the back of one of their bikes and was given a ride to a nearby bar, where he and the group of bikers “shot the breeze” until Bruce’s ride showed up.

“Nice guy, real down to earth,” Barkalow said.

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